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About Allergy Associates of Dearborn

Allergy Associates of Dearborn has served children and adults in the metropolitan Detroit area for more than 30 years, establishing a reputation for providing personal attention and exceptional medical care. At the office in Dearborn, Michigan, Roula Daher, MD, and the staff work closely with each patient, teaching them about their allergies or immune disorder and delivering customized treatment that supports their optimal health.

Patients can receive comprehensive allergy testing and allergy shots for all types of allergies, including allergic rhinitis (hay fever) and pet, medication, dust, mold, and food allergies. The staff also treats eczema, contact dermatitis, and chronic sinus infections, and helps patients get prompt relief from itchy problems like hives and angioedema.

Dr. Daher also specializes in treating asthma, both in children and adults. Having trained as a pediatrician before specializing in allergies and immunology, Dr. Daher enjoys working with children. Her natural ability to connect with and reassure even the youngest patients helps them overcome their anxiety and encourages cooperation with ongoing treatments.

Primary immunodeficiency diseases represent a broad range of complex conditions that require the expertise and experience of an immunologist like Dr. Daher. While these conditions are known for causing recurring infections, their symptoms can also mimic allergies and asthma, making the team at Allergy Associates Dearborn the perfect choice for treating primary immunodeficiency diseases.

The staff at Allergy Associates of Dearborn are always available to answer your questions and schedule appointments. They currently welcome new patients and look forward to catching up with their existing patients.

To get help with allergies or immune disorders, call the office or schedule an appointment online.

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At Allergy Associates Dearborn we accept most major insurance providers. If you do not see your provider listed, please call the office for more information.

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